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About Labate Auto Sales, Inc.

Welcome to our dealership! 

We love telling our customers why we have been so successful for the last 39 years! Truly we have you our customers to thank for that. In our eyes Customer service is one of the biggest success stories in our dealerships. We are always helping you long after your first purchase. Another reason is the Quality of vehicle we have sold through the years. A third reason is the help you get after the sale.  We also have some of the greatest warranties available on the planet.  Another reason is our A+ rating we have from the Better Business Bureau of Greater Pennsylvania. That tells you our commitment to our customers and how we strive for excellence for many years. Great vehicles! this is what we prided ourselves on for all 39 years. Today's vehicles are expensive and we understand how big of a purchase you are making we try to help you through a process that is simple and easy to understand and insist on answering all of your questions. We truly give you all the Facts so you can make an intelligent decision.

We love to thank our customers that come in over and over the years and keep buying from us. Sometimes they need a second vehicle or a minivan maybe a SUV. or work truck, whatever the vehicle may be were here for you as always. we thank the many of you that have purchased and sent friends and family on a consistent basis and when your here we always make your experience a pleasurable one. I for one like keeping people happy and want to teach you about all the vehicle options and explain all the financing options you may have today. We go into detail about you credit and help you improve it. If you are trying to establish or re-establish credit we always help.  

Our 1st store opened in 1980 in Philadelphia and was father and son. With the knowledge of our father we have learned how to grow our business into a great dealership. Our father has since passed and we continue with his thoughts to make people happy and sell a great product. We have had some record sales years that most dealerships can only dream of. We CONSISTENTLY kept our customers happy along with our employee's, vendors and everyone who steps into our store. We offer some of the best terms and payments in the industry. We have several programs for everyone all types of credit. Many times we can do what other dealers can not when it comes to an approval. We not only say YES but get you a vehicle you really love. We range our financing from great credit scores to some of lowest credit score approvals and get you driving. Most importantly we almost always say YES to an auto loan! I also would like to add when you need us we are there for you, need a part ask us we will help, need some answers on financing or credit problems ask us we are here to answer and help with any questions. And we do this long after the sale is made. We don't want you to buy only one vehicle we want you and your family and friends to keep coming back over and over to purchase all of your vehicles from us and are willing to work with you to help us accomplish that goal and approval for you every time your here at La Bate Auto Sales.                                                             

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